A supermarket, designed for a new era

Groceries delivered to you within minutes. Public Rollout starting October.

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Plan less, enjoy more. 

We believe you have more important things to do than shopping groceries. Let us take on that. We've defined four key principals to guarantee you the smoothest way getting your favourite groceries anytime, anywhere.

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Everything you want with one scroll.

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Delivered in
20min, always.

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Selected assortment, fresh every day.

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Find and shop what you crave easily.

As easy as

ordering pizza.

Grocery shopping should be simple. We designed Pickery in a way to make you find and explore every product with a tap. 

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Curated and picked for you.

Less is more. We don't believe in thousands of products, but the right ones. And we are constantly extending our assortment together with you - tell us what's missing, we add it.

Simplicity is
key. Always.

We've reduced content to the core. Everything you need to know and nothing to take away. To make it easy to find what you look for.

Vegan Filter
Ingredients & Nutrients
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At your door in 15 minutes.
Even on sundays.

For midnight snacks, workaholics, party people. We deliver groceries every day from 6pm - 2am. At no delivery fees, because they simply suck.

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Free the moment.

At Pickery we follow the mission to enable everyone to live a sustainable, healthy lifestyle without any efforts. For that we want to offer you the most convenient way ever to access your favorite groceries anywhere, anytime.


There is more to come. 

Sometimes we love to share secrets and new features with you. 
Be the first one to experience and test Pickery.